Neil Allan

Neil is a founder and fellow of the Bristol University Systems Centre and is now a visiting academic at the universities of Canterbury (NZ) and Cambridge, Bath and Bristol (UK). Neil spent 20 years working as an international civil engineering manager before spending 10 years on ground-breaking research into strategic and systemic risk funded by the Actuarial Profession, the Institution of Civil Engineers and the UK’s Department of Industry. Neil is a pioneer in the use of complex systems theories and networks science to understand risk behaviour and recently won the Peter Clark prize for his work on complex systems tools for the UK Actuarial Profession. He has published widely including many journal papers and booklets on risk management and systems topics. In 1998 he set up Systemic Consult Ltd, a consultancy applying research to help organisations with bespoke risk solutions; clients include Rio Tinto, British Gas, Sinopec, Active Risk Group, Prudential, RSA and Babcock International. Their current work involves emerging risk and risk culture tools which are deployed internationally by leading organisations. They continue to innovate into the risk management arena.system consult]]>

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