Solvency II translation and pronunciation across the EU

Solvency II in the 27 EU countries, with a link to the relevant regulator*. The EC has a number of handy translation tools: a bilingual display of the Directive text on EUR-Lex site, an interactive terminology translation tool and a translation resource page. *As I am not a native speaker of these languages please send me any corrections or more common usages of the term.

Country Translation Pronunciation Regulator
Austria Austria Solvabilität II solvabilität zwei FMA
Belgium Belgium Solvabilité II solvabilité deux FSMA
Bulgaria Bulgaria Платежоспособност II platezhosposobnost dve FSC
Cyprus Cyprus Φερεγγυότητα II (δύο) /Φερεγγυότητα II (νούμερο δύο) ferengyótita dýo / ferengyótita noύmero dýo MOF
Czech Republic Czech Republic Solventnost II solventnosti dva CNB
Denmark Denmark Solvens II solvens to Finanstilsynet
Estonia Estonia Solventsus II sloventsus kaks Finantsinspektsion
Finland Finland Solvenssi II slovanssi kaksi FIN-FSA
France France Solvabilité II solvabilité deux L’ACP
Germany Germany Solvabilität II solvabilität zwei BaFin
Greece Greece Φερεγγυότητα II (δύο) /Φερεγγυότητα II (νούμερο δύο) ferengyótita dýo / ferengyótita noύmero dýo Directorate of Insurance
Hungary Hungary Szolvencia II szolvencia kettő PSZÁF
Ireland Ireland Solvency II solvency two CBI
Italy Italy Solvibilità II solvibilità due ISVAP
Latvia Latvia Maksātspēja II maksātspējas divi FCMC
Lithuania Lithuania Mokumas II mokumas du VDPT
Luxembourg Luxembourg Solvabilité II /    Solvabilität II solvabilité deux /      solvabilität zwei CA
Malta Malta Solvenza II solvenza b’żew MFSA
Netherlands Netherlands Solvabiliteit II solvabiliteit twee DNB
Poland Poland Wypłacalność IISolvency II commonly used wypłacalności dwa NBP
Portugal Portugal Solvência II solvência dois ISP
Romania Romania Solvabilitate II solvabilitate doi CNVM
Slovakia Slovakia Solventnosť II solventnosti dva NBS
Slovenia Slovenia Sloventnost II solventnosti dve AZN
Spain Spain Solvencia II solvencia dos DGSFP
Sweden Sweden Solvence II solvens två Finansinspektionen
United Kingdom United Kingdom Solvency II solvency two FSA

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4 thoughts on “Solvency II translation and pronunciation across the EU

  1. As from 1 April 2011, supervision of the Belgian financial sector has been reorganized. Henceforth, prudential supervision of financial institutions falls within the competence of the National Bank of Belgium. The CBFA doesn’t exist anymore, and has been replaced by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority).

      1. Sorry, there is a mistake : the Belgian prudential supervisor is the National Bank of Belgium, which is going to deal with Solvency II.
        FSMA is the markets authority.
        Kind regards

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