Solvency II News: The number of Solvency II firms revisited, again

Recent statistical publications by EIOPA of the annual and quarterly Solvency II figures confirm Solvency II Wire Data estimations of the number of Solvency II firms. In October 2017 we estimated the figure to be c. 3,355. At the time a number of countries had not released figures, notably Luxembourg, Spain and Denmark. The EIOPA publication, as well as those of National Competent Authorities (NCAs) now show that there are c.3,050 solo and c.360 groups, putting the new total figure number of Solvency II firms at about 3,400. [gview file=””] — Solvency II Wire Data: over 90% market coverage by total assets for 2016 reporting. First 2017 reports available now.    ]]>

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